Tyvek: Tyvek: In-line flexographic printer

Bell-Mark's FlexPrint R flexo printer minimizes setup time by storing print and registration parameters in storable recipes accessible via an intuitive touchscreen user interface.

Pw 5268 Webbell Mark
Self-adjusting doctor blade, low doctor blade warning, and ink-level monitoring systems provide hands-off operation. A scalable control system and optional Web-based HMI support integration and remote operation. Provides functionality while maintaining high-resolution, single-color printing on Tyvek®, paper, and all poly-based films. Available with up to 600mm width and can print up to 50 cycles/min. Includes odorless, ammonia-free inks, self-contained inking system for simplified operation, and a Teflon®-coated ink tray for fast, easy ink changeover.
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