FANUC Robotics: Food picking robot

FANUC Robotics' M-430iA/2F high-speed, food picking robot is the first and only robot to meet the hygiene requirements for meat and poultry processing, and receive equipment acceptance from the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Designed specifically for food washdown environments, the M-430iA/2F five-axis food robot is capable of picking primary food and packaged products at speeds up to 120 cycles per minute on a continuous basis while using visual line tracking. In addition, the compact robot can be mounted in a variety of positions including floor, wall or invert, which maximizes flexibility for tight workspaces. The M-430iA offers a clean design with no food particle retention areas to resist bacteria growth and rust. The hollow-arm construction avoids air line and electric cable exposure. The robot is designed with special coating, materials and seals to withstand caustic food industry cleaners and acids used in food plant washdown operations, and the IP67 rating for the entire robot allows it to withstand the rinsing process after the caustic washdown. Materials used in product contact areas are in accordance with the applicable FDA requirements as stated in 21 CFR, parts 174-189. In addition to food, the M-430iA/2F intelligent robot is ideal for handling beverages, medical devices, cosmetics, household products, office supplies, and many other consumer products.
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