Novapak Corp.: Square PET bottles

New square, PET bottles in 500- and 1,000-mL sizes for packaging olive oil have been introduced by Novapak.

Pw 6910 M Novapak
Weighing 32g, the 500-mL bottle is 8”H x 2”W with a 3.75”H recess for adhesive labeling. The 1,000-mL bottle weighs 45 g, measures 9.25”H x 3.6”W and offers a 4.5”H recess. The stock line is expected to expand to 5 sizes with the addition of 250-, 750-, and 1,500-mL sizes. Bottles are injection/stretch blow-molded from universal preforms in a 2-stage process said to increase blow ratios, PET molecule orientation, and strength of the resulting container. The high-clarity containers are designed to resemble traditional glass olive oil containers while offering better impact-resistance and lighter weight. Phone: 800/975-2784 |
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