Meadwestvaco: Coated unbleached kraft

MeadWestvaco has partnered with Klabin, Brazil’s largest paperboard manufacturer, to offer KlaFold, a coated, unbleached kraft paperboard.

Pw 7022 M Mead Westvaco

With its 3-ply structure, KlaFold delivers strength, printability, and converting performance while requiring less fiber than competitive boards. Suitable for lightweight packaging applications, the board offers a higher yield at the same caliper as most other coated paperboards in its class. According to third-party testing, the board had a 15% to 25% yield advantage and a significant strength-per-pound advantage at a lower basis weight versus most other competitive coated paperboard grades. Tests comparing smoothness, brightness, and stiffness characteristics also were conducted, with KlaFold matching or outperforming competitors.

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