Perfed roll cradles

Rollguard’s Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed roll cradle creates perforations at 20 inches and 40 inches on a 24x40 full roll cradle.

The roll cradle helps conform narrow-width products to nearly every standard pallet size with fewer packaging components, reduced labor and increased safety. Using standard full roll cradles as well as 8-in. cradles and the 20-in. and 40-in. lengths made possible by the perforations, pallet sizes that can be quickly and easily accommodated include: 30x30, 36x36, 45x45, 48x30, 48x40, 48x48, 54x30 and 60x30 inches. Roll cradles improve ergonomics and safety by reducing the number of bending motions needed to load a pallet, and eliminating the need to cut cradles to fit various pallet configurations.


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