Tool-less changeovers on Uhlmann’s Integrated bottling

Uhlmann Packaging Systems showcased it’s bottling center 120 and revealed plans for a brand-new bottling line.

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Uhlmann Packaging Systems demonstrated its monoblock Integrated Bottling Center 120, which is suitable for all solid dose products during the show in booth #N-317-A. With no micro-stops, no ramp-up time, and the ability to quickly complete tool-less changeovers, the IBC-120 reliably packages small to medium-sized batches at as high as 150 bottles (24,000 tablets/capsules) per minute.

Uhlmann’s also discussed its brand-new IBC 150 Bottling Line, which features fast, simple format changeovers, short setup times, and optimally linked stations integrated into its monoblock line architecture. Designed for small to medium-sized batches of solid dose products, the bottling line combines with Uhlmann’s Labeler L180 and end-of-line Case Packaging Center 10 for comprehensive, bottle-to-pallet packaging. The IBC 150 Bottling Line also is equipped with an end-to-end bottle tracking system to combat counterfeiting and ensure product reliability.

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