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Richmond, BC V6V 1K4

Company Overview

Dekka's technological advances such as the patented no break tape advance system and open design for easy threading has led them as a leader in tape heads. Dekka's success is also due to their renowned quality, reliability and strong support network.

Tape Head, Tape Case Sealer, Tape Case Former, Tape Case Erector

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:40+
Number of employees:150+
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central & South America
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
Service, support & spare parts:

24/7 hot-line support and highly experienced in-field technical support. Sales and service staff in-house for parts support and sales with quick delivery


Certified and experienced technical support staff for on-site machine installation, start-up and staff training.

13471 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC V6V 1K4

Dekka is one of the only companies where the primary focus is on tape heads. Because of our dedication and focus, our team is not only more experienced and knowledgeable, but we care about every tape head that goes out the door. Our pride and passion lies in providing a consistent and reliable solution for every application for seamless integration and easy operation. We support every product because we put our customer's reputation first.

A key to Dekka’s success was our ability to grow and develop a wide distribution network across North America. With our own experienced technicians as well as knowledgeable distributors and packaging suppliers, Dekka and our partners compose of the strongest tape head support network in the industry that will listen, understand and solve your tape head issues.

Dekka offers over 400 unique tape heads which fit on almost every case sealer, case erector and case former in the market. This versatility extends to the types of packaging tape and cases that our tape heads are able to handle as well including hot melt, acrylic, rubber, and other types of tapes for cases, boxes, recycled cartons and more. The wide range of products has been driven by the overwhelming demand for Dekka tape heads. Dekka customers understand the importance of the quality, reliability and service that comes with each Dekka tape head. Along with these tape heads, we also offer options and accessories on our tape heads such as the Tape Monitor Alert System and other retrofit packages.

Dekka also offers a line of entry level machinery, bringing the same level of quality and reliability from tape heads to case sealing and erecting machinery. These machines have been designed and built to synergize with Dekka tape heads to bring the highest level of performance and reliability to our customers. Contact us if you are having trouble with your current tape head or if you are looking for some new equipment-we are happy to help.

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Key Contact
Parky Parkinson
Product Manager