Top trends from FMI sustainability summit:

• Collaboration—very important for a “systems” approach to sustainability

• Carbon—retailers need to start measuring as legislation is likely • Water—perhaps even more important than Carbon in the future, particularly for food

• Recruiting—people want to work for companies engaged in sustainability

• No silver bullet—all the small changes companies make will have an impact

• Taking organic farming practices from niche to mainstream

• Social impact of sustainability—area that leading companies are very engaged in

• Importance of working with NGOs

• Sustainable sourcing—ensuring products are being produced and harvested in a sustainable method

• Transparency is key

• Consumers are starting to change behavior—reusable bag use/sales have skyrocketed for many grocers. For example: SUPERVALU—sold 200M bags in ’06, 2MM in ’07, on track for 4MM in ’08

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