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Nercon Engineering & Mfg. Inc: Small footprint spiral conveyor

Designed to be used with different product shapes and sizes at the same time, Nercon’s Live Drum Spiral Conveyor is close to 20-ft. tall and features 17 tiers with cases travelling at 150 ft./min.

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Live Drum Spiral Conveyors are said to  attain higher elevations than competing high-tension spiral solutions because of the low-tension concept: a cylindrical drum assists in driving the modular plastic belt. The benefits of this elevating solution include low belt tension, increased elevation changes and capacity, design and product range versatility, and low maintenance.

Regardless of the conveyor length, the rotating stainless steel drum imparts the driving force to the inside edge of the belt creating very low tension on the belt.  The benefit of low belt tension allows exceptionally long runs translating into significantly increased number of tiers. The low-tension principle of the Live Drum has allowed Nercon to engineer load capacities up to 20-lbs./ linear ft. of chain.

Low tension allows longer runs and multiple tiers in its design.  The design attains greater elevation changes compared to shaft and sprocket driven high-tension spirals.  With high-tension spirals, the number of tiers is limited by the complex drive system and chain pull limitations. The Live-Drum Spiral’s effective edge wrap driving force maintains low tension throughout multiple tiers resulting in higher elevation designs. The substantial quantity of conveying belt in this relatively small footprint offers manufacturers increased production and profitability.

The Live Drum Spiral Conveyor can be configured with various in-feed and discharge locations, and it can be engineered to lower or elevate products. The design also provides versatility in product shapes and sizes. This equipment can transport packages such as jars, tubs, cups, bundles, cans, bottles, bags, pouches, cartons, totes and cases. It can also be designed to accommodate several sizes of products on one production line with no changeover.

Another advantage of the low tension Live-Drum Spiral Conveyor is minimal maintenance. The continual low-tension operation of the Drum Spiral results in longer life of the two drives, belt and other components in the system. The unit link belting allows for quick repairs.

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