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TopTier is the #1 selling line of palletizers in North America.

Modular engineering means quality control and complete flexibility in the configuration of palletizer machine components. TopTier’s modern layer building technology is more advanced than robots and legacy palletizing. Modular engineering and construction provides for all options and accessories in one compact integrated unit. Palletizer model groups share common functional modules and frame systems to provide comprehensive palletizer solutions. Shared modules maximize layout flexibility while reducing cost through increased manufacturing and machine controls efficiencies. Modular engineering means quality control and complete flexibility in the configuration of machine components. No customization is required. The orientation of induction and load exit meet your exact requirements. The single software module controls all features and options without customization.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:18+
Number of employees:90+
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America. South Pacific.
Sales Channel:Direct, Dealers

One year from date of installation or 400 days from shipment date, whichever occurs first to be free from manufacturing defects

Service, support & spare parts:

24 hour 7-day in-house, remote, interactive streaming, and field technical support. All of our service technicians are factory trained employees and ready to support during installation, start-ups, or upgrades.


View your product from the infeed to a completed stretch wrapped load within days of arrival, on-site or from any remote location via Zoom. TopTier's EasyStack® HMI control integrates training and troubleshooting, including perpetual video monitoring. A formal training session is provided during the Factory Acceptance Test of your product either streaming or on-site. Live streaming interactive training and support is always available.

Other services:

Let's Zoom! Robotic or row build technology? Limited floor space? Sales engineers Dave Snelson and Paden Tufts bring 31 years of combined experience in palletizing solutions across the entire breadth of packaged goods requirements. Personal live Zoom demos deliver solutions direct to you from the state-of-the-art showroom, without the travel and at your convenience. Dave and Paden demonstrate cutting edge technology and discuss your requirements and questions about palletizing for as long as you wish. Contact the Sales Team to schedule your personal live demo.

10315 SE Jennifer Street
Portland, OR 97015
United States

TopTier continues to set new benchmarks in palletizing with features such as: PerfectPattern™ infeed confirmation, proactive concurrent stretch wrapping, advanced safety protection, and more...

TopTier palletizers are mission-critical components of automated end-of-line packaging operations for food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Palletizing solutions from TopTier are recognized throughout the packaging industry for reliability and pioneering technology. TopTier is the leader in innovation and value -- providing palletizing solutions with speed, flexibility, and dependability for 24/7 operations. New patented technologies from TopTier make palletizing reliable, easy, safe, and energy efficient.

TopTier palletizers provide cost-effective palletizing solutions for applications across all industries...
• Product: cases, bags, bundles, trays, trayless, open top, lidded, display pack, totes, and more...
• Both row-build and robotic technologies
• Patterns: store 99 patterns, create new patterns in minutes
• Rates: to 5 layers per minute
• The global leader in concurrent stretch wrap technology
• Sheets, pallet handling, and comprehensive options
• Advanced safety: EN ISO 13849-1 Category 3 PL d
• Upper and floor level infeed
• Smallest full-featured footprint
• EasyStack® HMI machine interface and pattern programming

TopTier provides complete integrated palletizing solutions from single palletizer applications to multi-line palletizer systems. Fast, safe, flexible, compact, and easy to use. TopTier cutting edge technology continues to make palletizing Simple by Design®.

TopTier palletizers are designed and built in a vertically integrated facility in Portland, OR. All systems are pre-tested with your product.

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