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Company Overview

Delkor Systems is a leader in designing and manufacturing packaging equipment for efficient tray forming of cartons, cases and trays, case packing, shrink-bundled, flat-pad shippers , retail-ready packages, robotic loading, palletizing, stackable club store trays, and more.

Turn-Key Packaging Lines for Cartoning, Case and Tray Packing, and Retail-Ready Packages

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:40+
Number of employees:150+
Geographic sales distribution:North America, Central, and South America, Australia, New Zealand
Sales Channel:Direct
Service, support & spare parts:

Service Technicians will install your packaging machinery, train employees, perform preventative maintenance, and provide 24x7 service support. Delkor's Parts Department maintains replacement parts, and can ship emergency orders the same day.


Delkor's training programs are custom designed to include a mix of hands-on or classroom instructions that expand your operator and training staffs' skills and expertise in maintaining and operating your Delkor packaging equipment lines. PMMI Certified trainers, technical writers, and instructional designers will assess the situation and customize the course to match the skill sets of personnel and address the operational challenges particular to the application. Participants will learn about the machine's components and sequence of operation through classroom instruction, workbooks, troubleshooting guides, and hands-on activities. Copies of the machine's Reference Manual, Operation and Changeover Quick References Guide, and Maintenance Quick Tips book will be included. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with background knowledge and troubleshooting techniques that allow them to operate Delkor equipment as efficiently as possible.

4300 Round Lake Road West
St Paul, MN 55112
United States

Delkor Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures packaging equipment that provides efficient solutions for tray forming of cartons, cases and trays (Trayfecta®), case packing (Flex Loader®), shrink-bundled, flat-pad shippers (Spot-Pak®), retail-ready shippers (Cabrio Case®), robotic loading, stackable club trays and other forms of secondary packaging.

Delkor’s engineering, support, and sales staff pride themselves on developing efficient systems that use multiple packaging materials—such as corrugate, paperboard, films, and adhesives—to maximize production flexibility. With minimum changeover times, Delkor machines offer consistently high quality production and maximum uptime.


Looking to implement retail-ready packaging lines? Delkor can help you comply with the latest retail-ready (RRP) and shelf-ready package guidelines for major retailers including Walmart, Aldi, Kroger, and others. With industry leading packaging equipment solutions and award-winning RRP designs such as the Delkor Cabrio® Case (patented & patents pending) and Delkor’s Turbo Case™, we have the ideal package solution for candy, snack foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, and more!


Whether you’re packing flexible or rigid products, Delkor smooths your transition from package concept to production. We leverage decades of industry experience and a newly built Package Lab to turn around package samples within 48-hours. Delkor is your one-stop, turn-key packaging system provider.


Delkor’s Trayfecta G Series case former can seamlessly form standard shipping cases, Delkor’s Cabrio Case, and Delkor’s Club Store Stackable trays. Built with light-weight, quick-change tooling for fast, simple changeovers, and vertical startup, the Trayfecta G Series is the perfect addition to any top-load case packing system.


Delkor’s case packers offer versatility to address a wide range of package shapes and sizes, with rate capacity to match the latest generation of filling and bagging equipment. With game-changing technology like Delkor’s Product Stabilizer (patented), or simple options such as push-button changeover, Delkor offers perfectly integrated packaging systems to enhance your plant’s efficiency and capacity.

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