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IWK launches blister machines

At its June 16-17 open house, IWK PacSystems will demonstrate the first of a new series of IWK blister packing machines, the advanced BP Series, which are automated with ELAU’s PacDrive automation system.

The star of IWKA PacSystem's June 16-17 open house, IWK's new 600 bpm BP Series blister machines complement a full line of prima
The star of IWKA PacSystem's June 16-17 open house, IWK's new 600 bpm BP Series blister machines complement a full line of prima

New IWK blister machines complement secondary packaging processes and integrated systems

Visitors to IWKA PacSystems’s Fairfield New Jersey facility on June 16-17 will see what happened when IWK engineers set forth to design a new generation of blister packing machines. The resulting BP Series machines are refined state-of-the-art mechatronic designs running up to 600 blisters per minute.

Advanced design

Highlighted by advanced servo performance balcony-style design and a positive transfer system the new BP Series machines are designed for flexibility ease of operation regulatory compliance and efficiency.

For example the balcony design separates the mechanics of the machine from the drives eliminating the potential for particulate and dust generation to clog the production process. Stations feature smooth surfaces and are easy to clean.

In the BP Series independently controllable servo drives enable adjustment of individual process times without affecting the rest of the stations. Conventional designs have one master servo which the other servo drives follow. The ELAU PacDrive™ automation system used in the BP Series allows much more sophisticated control schemes and IWK’s design team exploited this potential fully.

Reliability speed and flexibility

Changeovers are quick and tool-less handled as recipe changes at the ergonomically designed clearly thought-out operator panel.

The positive transfer system transports blisters through the machine and to the cartoner in a continuously controlled manner eliminating the potential for jamming.

Single and dual lane systems are available for output rates up to 600 blisters per minute forming blisters up to 12 mm deep in a usable X/Y forming area up to 210 x 276 mm. The BP Series has the flexibility to run a broad range of base webs including polyvinyl chloride polyvinylidene chloride Aclar® and polypropylene aluminum compound materials. Likewise a range of aluminum aluminum paper polypropylene and paper lidding foils can be accommodated.

Options include various product infeed systems enclosed infeed areas vision systems choice of roller or platen sealing in-line printing of lidding foil with print registration control and auxiliary material handling systems.

Why IWK introduced blister machines

IWK has built up a strong reputation for its tube filling machines cartoners and integrated systems in the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The new generation of blister machines complements the firm’s strong position in secondary packaging processes and expands their position in the primary packaging machinery business.

For example IWK’s modular cantilever design TFS 80 tube filler exceeds cGMP standards for easy and thorough cleanability. With a reduced number of setup positions and operations the TFS 80 Series also greatly reduces changeover times for size changes and the fitting of different tube closing systems.

Additional key features of the IWK TFS 80 Series include a horizontal tube transport system for efficient tube loading a horizontal discharge for positive carton transfer a servo-driven orbital tube transport system and a clear unobstructed view of all closing stations for ease of accessibility.

The IWK TFS 80 is capable of handling standard tube diameters from 10-52 mm and special tube diameters up to 60 mm and tube lengths from 50-250 mm. The machine has a dosing range from 1.5-400 ml and an output of up to 450 tubes per minute.

Why IWK automates with ELAU

Like the new blister line all of IWK’s machines use the same ELAU PacDrive™ system delivering cost-saving commonality and ease of operation as well as exceptional performance. ELAU a Schneider Electric Partner company is the clearcut leader in packaging machinery automation worldwide equipping over $1 billion worth of packaging machines annually.

ELAU has obsoleted not just mechanical drives but the conventional PLC motion control robot control PLS temperature control and other dedicated hardware controls by integrating these functions into an IEC-conforming software environment. This modular architecture is credited by industry analysts for enabling third generation machinery design.

The BP Series demonstrates how PacDrive’s software potential can be utilized to its fullest to create competitive advantage from a standards-based control architecture designed to follow the OMAC

Packaging Workgroup Guidelines.

How to attend IWKA’s open house

It’s at IWKA PacSystem’s North American headquarters in Fairfield NJ on June 16-17 2004. To register receive and for information on the event and accommodations contact IWKA PacSystems at 973/227-5575 or [email protected]. For more information on the ELAU PacDrive automation systems visit

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