Liquid stick-packs promote easy carry, accurate dosing

Reduce medication dosage errors while appealing to consumers’ desire for convenience with a liquid stick-pack alternative to plastic bottles with measuring cups.

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Liquid stick-pack technology, pioneered by Unither, is a European trend that is making its way to North America. The single dose liquid stick-packs provide an alternative to plastic bottles with measuring cups. The liquid stick-packs are easily portable, safe and affordable—making them appeal to consumers with modern, active lifestyles. The unit-doses are suitable for syrups, liquids and high viscous solutions for oral administration.

Matrix Packaging Machinery’s Inever PH600 Multilane Stickpack Machine uses servo piston fillers to ensure optimum liquid handling into the stick-packs. The end user will enjoy one point of contact and responsibility for all equipment, including stick forming, filling and sealing to collating, cartoning, case packing and palletizing.

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