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Econocorp Inc.

Randolph, MA 02368

Company Overview

Are you looking for simple, reliable and flexible cartoning and case packing machines? Take a good look at what we have, contact us, and let us simplify your packaging operation.

Econocorp offers low to moderate speed cartoning, case packing, and tray forming machines and systems.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:60+
Number of employees:50 +
Geographic sales distribution:We have machines in more than 100 countries
Service, support & spare parts:

Econocorp has dedicated after market sales and technical service teams for spare parts, service, start-up, training, preventative maintenance, as well as company expansion support.


Econocorp offers in the building factory acceptance and QC testing where customers are able to come and get trained on start up and machine operations, as well as in the field training.

Other services:

Econocorp offers on site training, preventative maintenance, machine services, and new growth opportunities.

72 Pacella Park Drive
Randolph, MA 02368
United States

For more than 60 years, Econocorp Inc. has held a distinguished position as a global leader in designing and manufacturing automated secondary packaging equipment. Econocorp specializes in low to moderate speed cartoning, case packing, and tray forming.

Econocorp runs on simplicity:

From the start we are here to help you. We begin with your desired solution and help you craft the right Econocorp pieces to solve your needs. Once we have your order in house, our dedicated internal team will kick off the project with a scope meeting and keep you updated through out the design/build process. As a true U.S. manufacturer, we handle every aspect of the process right under our roof in Randolph, Massachusetts. This approach grants us unparalleled flexibility in delivering solutions that solve your needs.

Once we fully test and QC the equipment, we know its production ready for your facility. Our dedicated aftermarket sales and service team remains at your disposal throughout the entire lifespan of your equipment. Whether it's providing spare parts promptly, troubleshooting remotely, or dispatching a service technician for preventive maintenance and training, we are unwavering in our mission to ensure your success.

Our expertise spans a variety of industries, including but not limited to craft beer and beverage, cannabis, dairy, electronics and games, food, frozen food, household products, industrial goods, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, snacks and cereal, among others.

Our cartoning solutions handle everything from simple carton sealing, hand load machines, to fully automatic intermittent & continuous motion systems, capable of 1-120 cartons per minute. We start with a base machine and then customize it to perfectly fit your specific requirements, whether that involves unique carton shapes, delicate products, or non-standard size ranges. Our commitment to simplicity not only ensures a lower total cost of ownership but also guarantees a swift return on investment.

Whether your case packing needs are from your upstream cartoner, or just a large product that goes into a case we have a solution. Start with a simple case erect/seal system or integrate a product collator to pack cartons into the right pack pattern for the case. With the ability to run 1-15 cases per minute they’re suited to sit just down stream from our cartoners.

Looking to form a simplex or glue tray? Auto bottom? The Econoform solutions can form flat trays at speeds between 1-30 per minute. These formers can also include the ability to top load and/or seal a top flap too.

Did you know that we’re capable of more than just stand-alone equipment?

Power up your facility by plugging in multiple pieces of Econocorp equipment to create a fully integrated system coming into secondary packaging through a pallet.

We’re here for you now and in the future by committing to being your trusted packaging automation partner, supporting your growth every step of the way.

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Key Contact
Alfonso Posada
Director of Sales