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LCA of clamshell alternatives hard to uncover
Chandler Slavin, Sustainability Coordinator, Dordan Manufacturing,
Packaging Materials Supplier

What is the sustainability profile of those clamshell alternatives that consist of a laminated paperboard card impregnated with a blister, sometimes sandwiched between thin flute corrugated? I have contacted various distributors of this composite package requesting life-cycle analysis data that supports the claims made by the marketers of such composite packages, yet I’m unable to find anything concrete. COMPASS, the LCA comparative assessment tool created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, doesn’t even have the option of creating this package within the software because there is no life-cycle inventory data available to input into the software in regard to paperboard laminates, inks, and coatings.
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Inspiration from the ‘milk man method’
Quane, recycler

Has any thought been put into the banishment of plastics that are tossed as packaging and a return to the refillable container system? Imagine a consumer returning to a grocer with a multitude of well-made glass containers, and either exchanging them for already full containers or refilling these containers themselves. Shelf life of a product might force an exchange method, but waste could be eliminated on a massive scale.
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Consumer seeks site for green packaging
Do any of the professionals here know of a Web site that helps consumers to find the greenest packaging? I would love to find a site that actually listed manufacturers, in order to shop greener, and to petition stores to favor green packaging.
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