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Going to work for a new start-up, is it worth the risk?

With many people in the job hunt these days eagerly looking for the next big thing (or just anything), it may be the time to take a risk and join a new start-up company. I have noticed over the last few months or so the lack of new products being released by major consumer goods companies, but the word is they are in the final development process and on their way. As consumers tighten their belts, so are the companies manufacturing products that they buy.

We have had several recent job postings on that are coming from brand new packaging material supplier companies that supply products to those large manufacturers. Companies are calling for greener and cheaper materials to bring overall cost down so they may deliver a lower price to the consumer. New companies are open to new ideas from experienced professionals, so they may bring in more business; if someone has the money to back new companies in this economy, they are definitely not afraid of paying for valuable assets such as employees who can help drive new business.

Or, if you are a person that is only looking for companies with a well established track record that have been around for a while, then you should open yourself up to more and different opportunities. Your skills can be utilized in many different ways within packaging. Let’s say you are an engineer or design person, why not try using your industry contacts and know how to land a sales job. Sales positions seem to be what is booming at the current moment within start-ups and companies that have been around for decades.

Whether you are an experienced business development professional or an executive, it may be time to open your options to these new and exciting ventures. The economy is riding waves right now, so have some fun and dive in!

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