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Coke plays the nostalgia card with Sprite, too

If at first you do succeed, go retro again.

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These days, that seems to be the prevailing wisdom on packaging at Coca-Cola Co. First the Atlanta-based firm resurrected its famous "contour" bottle for its equally famous cola. When that proved to be what one beverage industry analyst described as a "global grand slam," Coke looked at its Sprite brand and decided to try a similar strategy. Last month the firm introduced a 20-oz polyethylene terephthalate Sprite bottle featuring vertical rows of "bubbles" indented into the bottle's sidewall. The shape is reminiscent of the "bubble" Sprite bottle that first appeared in the early 1960s when Sprite was introduced.

In addition to the 20-oz bottle now available in the U.S., the new bottle will soon come in a variety of new sizes in international markets. Within a few years, says a Coke spokesperson, all PET Sprite bottles will be of the bubble variety. Injection/stretch blown, the bottle carries no upcharge, says the spokesperson.

"Exclusive, distinctive packaging is another tangible way we are strongly reinforcing millions of times each day that Coca-Cola products are not only different and better, but also very special," says Coke director of strategic marketing Chris Lowe.

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