SunOpta unveils new look in aseptics

The first product in the Aseptic Edge format is now available to U.S. consumers and is being showcased at the Natural Products Industry Expo West in Anaheim, CA, March 7-10.

The Aseptic Edge makes its U.S. debut in a SunOpta product.
The Aseptic Edge makes its U.S. debut in a SunOpta product.

SunOpta’s Sunrich Naturals brand is using the Aseptic Edge for its SoL Sunflower Beverage line as well as for its line of soymilks. The Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge, the latest carton from Tetra Pak, features a sloping top that makes it easier to access, grasp, and open the ridged cap. The wider opening makes it easier to pour the product. According to Tetra Pak, it’s a new look, improved functionality, lower cost, and better environmental profile for a variety of beverage products.

All three flavors of Sunrich Naturals brand SoL Sunflower Beverage line — Original, Unsweetened and Vanilla — as well as Sunrich Naturals’ line of soymilks will feature the new Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge.

Tetra Pak says it designed the Aseptic Edge with the Environment in mind, claiming that the package is recyclable and composed of 70% paper, a renewable resource from selectively harvested, re-grown trees. The cartons also have a low carbon footprint throughout their entire life cycle not only because they are made mainly of a renewable resource, but also because they are light weight and compact says Tetra Pak.

“The new Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge packaging is ideal for SoL and all of our non-dairy beverages,” said Tina Nelson, vice president of sales & marketing, Consumer Products, SunOpta Grains & Foods Group. “It offers superior preservation of the fresh taste and nutritional content of the product in addition to prolonged shelf life. And Tetra Pak’s commitment to protecting the environment, which includes the package’s recyclability and renewability, matches our own commitment to sustainable practices.”

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