AZCO Corp.: Dispenser for sachets, pouches

Operating at 100 cuts/min., AZCO’s SUR-PAK Pouch Dispenser is used with desiccants, ingredient pouches for food products, overwrapped medical components, household components, and promotional materials, and comes on an adjustable-height stand with castors for easy integration into packaging lines.

Pw 40384 Sp 4 D For Pr

The unit is self-threading and feeds, cuts and places the pouches directly into product or packaging lines. The sachets or pouches can be either in roll form or continuous bandolier form.  The SP-4D dispenses pouches up to 89 mm/3.5-in. wide and 6 mm/0.25-in. thick at speeds of up to 100 pouches/min. It incorporates a guillotine cutter and uses compressed air to drive the knife.  Designed for narrow, limited space applications.

A dual tractor drive system increases reliability, ensuring constant contact with the product at all times without crushing or damaging the product.   A color touch screen makes setting up operations and monitoring the unit easy.  


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