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With over 50 years of experience and 130,000 installations globally, Anritsu’s leading-edge technology is trusted for superior performance and reliability. Anritsu’s mission is to significantly advance food and pharmaceutical product quality and to assure consumer safety.

Precision Engineered X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:50+
Number of employees:100+
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
Service, support & spare parts:

Performa 360 Program: Service, Training and Performance Assurance. 24/hour, 7-day Technical Phone Support. Field technical support fully crossed trained all inspection equipment.


We offer a Power User training course to educate employees on the theory, use and operation of your facility’s x-ray system. This program allows us to protect your products, your customers and your reputation in the food and pharmaceutical inspection industry. We want you to have long-term success, which begins with quality training and ends with support programs.

Other services:

PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE: The performance of your equipment is what keeps your business running smoothly. We are here to help you customize and tune your equipment to get the best performance from your solution. That’s why we have created programs for instrument and process optimization, qualification, validation, testing, auditing and many more offerings to ensure your equipment continues to run at peak efficiency.

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Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
United States
Advance Food Safety and Product Quality Manufacturers worldwide rely on Anritsu’s product inspection and contaminant detection equipment. With over 50 years experience and 150,000 installations globally, our leading-edge technology is trusted for superior performance, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Our X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors and Combo Systems provide a superior return on investment and ensure compliance with stringent quality control programs. Xray Inspection Systems- Highest Performance with Lowest Cost of Ownership Protect your brand against recalls with the XR75, the industry’s most advanced X-Ray system. The XR75 helps you discover what you’ve been missing, detecting contaminants as small as 0.4mm (SUS) in packaged and bulk foods. Optimized for low total cost of ownership, pioneering technology increases major component lifetime. With unparalleled accuracy and performance, the XR75 also provides missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check as standard features. SSV Checkweigher and M6 Metal Detector Combo- Best Accuracy with Smallest Footprint The SSV combo provides outstanding weighing accuracy with simultaneous multi-frequency inspection to help find the smallest contaminant. Maximize you line space and ensure HACCP compliance with a solution that is compact, easy to maintain and simple to operate. Anritsu’s precision engineering minimizes false rejects and provides unrivaled system reliability, giving you superior TCO. Performance360™- Keep your Business Running Smoothly To help customers maximize return on investment, Performance360 programs are designed to make sure your inspection equipment operate at the highest level and provide user training and safety programs to help produce the highest quality products. Our technology puts the control in your hands, and it’s our goal to help train your team so that you are positioned to achieve the best operational performance and quality assurance. Discover What You’ve Been Missing: Detection Perfection™
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