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Company Overview

Through the Power of One, Beckhoff can integrate high performance PLC, motion control and robotics on a streamlined PC- and EtherCAT-based control platform. This offers the flexibility and speed required to meet the wide ranging requirements of the packaging industry.

Automation and controls equipment, I/O, Industrial Ethernet, motion control systems.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:40+
Number of employees:4,350+
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America. Europe, Middle East, Asia
Sales Channel:Direct
Service, support & spare parts:

Custom automation component design and production for machine builders and manufacturers, product repair and modification services, systems engineering and design services.


Regular training opportunities for programming and maintenance scheduled throughout the year at multiple locations in North America. Virtual, custom and on-site training options are also available.

Other services:

Custom automation component design and production for machine builders and manufacturers, product repair and modification services, systems engineering and design services.

13130 Dakota Avenue
Savage, MN 55378
United States
Toll Free:1-877-TwinCAT

System-Integrated Solutions for Automation and IoT

Beckhoff Automation is a global provider of open automation systems based on advanced PC Control technology. The “New Automation Technology” philosophy at Beckhoff represents universal and open automation solutions used in a wide spectrum of high-tech applications around the world. These applications range from control of machines and robots used in manufacturing, to Internet of Things (IoT) systems, intelligent building automation and much more. The world headquarters of Beckhoff Automation is in Verl, Germany while the U.S. headquarters office is in Savage, Minn. (Minneapolis area).

The comprehensive Beckhoff system architecture for machine and plant automation promotes control hardware consolidation by advancing powerful PC-based control technology. This approach takes the best from automation technology (AT) and IT, making the most powerful tools available to engineering teams in one universal environment. All the benefits from the early days of this effort remain from the integration of PLC, motion control and HMI, while adding other high-value functions for robotics, safety, high-end measurement, condition monitoring, and of course, cloud connectivity and IoT.

Now available in the U.S., the eXtended Transport System (XTS) combines the advantages of rotary and linear motion principles into a best-of-breed linear transport system that provides paradigm-shifting capabilities for machines and smart factories. The mechatronic solution enables intelligent material flow, exceptional precision, real-time robotics integration and efficient self-reconfiguration based on lot, recipe or other product specifications. Highly customizable and durable motor modules, mechanical guide rails and wireless movers integrate the necessary power electronics, EtherCAT communication and position measurement in a compact form factor, reducing machine footprint up to 50%.

XTS movers can be controlled with high dynamics at velocities reaching 4 m/s and acceleration exceeding 100 m/s2. Modular linear motors and rails can create circles, clothoids and S-curves as well as straight, open segments. Supporting installation horizontally, vertically or at angles, tracks can be combined to dynamically manipulate or transport parts with multiple movers. Flexible mass production down to lot size 1 is possible through XTS along with EtherCAT networking, PC-based control hardware and TwinCAT 3 automation software from Beckhoff.

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