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East Troy, WI 53120

Company Overview

Put an end to production down time due to your coding equipment! Leibinger printers operate for months on end with no intervention. Sealed nozzle technology exclusive to Leibinger makes it possible.

Inkjet systems utilizing sealed nozzle technology. The problem with continuous inkjet printing is that the ink has to dry fast. So any pause in production often results in dried ink and blocked nozzles.Not with Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic technology. When production stops, the nozzle retracts, closing the ink loop and preventing it from drying out. To start again, the nozzle extends out again and carries on printing – without the need for cleaning or rinsing cycles. After all, why clean something that doesn’t get dirty?Since there is no cleaning cycle necessary, you don’t need additional cleaning solvent – which is good for the safety of your staff and the planet. There is no impact on the viscosity of the ink or the quality of the first few prints either. Instantly reliable print quality without spitting or splashing. In short, Sealtronic removes the cleaning problem altogether so you enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs and more consistent print quality. With Sealtronic your production line is ready when you are.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:74
Number of employees:200+
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Sales Channel:Certified Partner Network

Two-year parts warranty on all printer models.

Service, support & spare parts:

Service and support available worldwide through our certified factory trained Leibinger Partner Network.


Training available worldwide at all Leibinger locations and through our certified factory trained Leibinger Partner Network.

Other services:

Integration to all packaging machines. Leibinger accessories include network editing and control software, traversing systems, and integrated vision inspection.

2701-B Buell Drive
Suite B
East Troy, WI 53120
United States

Leibinger's coding and marking portfolio consists of a full range of continuous inkjet printers, from entry level to the highest speed and most demanding applications. And while we understand your application and demand may vary,  Leibinger never compromises on world-class German engineering quality and a commitment to uptime for our customers.

Print-Head Cleaning: No Longer Needed With Leibinger

Dried-up ink? Clogging nozzles? – Not with Leibinger inkjet technology. The automatic nozzle-seal guarantees an immediate print start even after long shutdown periods. No scheduled cleaning is required. As an example, the time between cleanings is typically months versus daily on other printers. All Leibinger printers are equipped with this patented nozzle seal technology,

A Printer Range for Every Need

Our Basic line model, the JET2neo model printer, has been a leading product in the market for standard applications requiring up to 3 lines of code. It even comes with an option for dusty environments, as well as a higher speed model for increased performance. The JET2neo supports MEK, MEK-free, black and semi-pigmented inks like yellow and blue for light surfaces out of the box. 

The JET3up is the flagship model of our Universal line with an unrivaled set of features for applications that require up to 5 lines of code. There's no application too difficult for the JET3up, including IP65 and applications for white, yellow or blue codes on dark surfaces. A wide variety of inks make the JET3up the performance workhorse for almost any environment.

Last but not least, the JET Rapid is our offering for ultra high-speed applications for bottling, canning and extruded wire and cable. With speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute and a wide variety of inks for a variety of materials, it is unique in the market. 

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