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Company Overview

Polypack designs and manufactures sustainable packaging machines that reduce your material costs, decrease the storage space needed for packaging supplies, lower the amount of packaging waste associated with your product, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Shrink-wrapping equipment, tray loader-formers, wraparound case packers,

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:58
Number of employees:100
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America. Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
Service, support & spare parts:

Certified service personnel provide field service on Polypack equipment worldwide. Technicians are available for immediate dispatch at adjusted rates,


Polypack Service Technicians provide hands-on training for Operators and Mechanics during machine installation. Polypack also highly recommends follow-up training a few weeks after installation by a Distributor Service Engineer.

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Pinellas Park, FL 33782
United States

We Got It Covered. No matter what you need to ship, store, protect or make visible, we make the shrink wrap equipment that gives you the perfect solution. No matter what your product is, our shrink wrappers are designed to suit your needs and provide an enduring solution to packaging your products efficiently and economically. What does this mean to you? You save money! A Shrink Wrapper delivers significant material savings, reduced inventory space, increased energy efficiency, better product protection and shelf appeal than traditional methods.

Printed Film Shrink Wrappers

Polypack offers a variety of print registration shrink wrappers for both bullseye/sleeve wrap and total closure shrink wrapping applications. These shrink packaging machines are designed to cater to the needs of many industries, including food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care & cosmetic, automobile, textile and many others.

Bullseye Shrink Bundlers

Polypack, Inc. offers several different models of bullseye/sleeve shrink bundlers. The most common shrink wrappers have open ends, which are commonly referred to as "bullseyes." Polypack offers a wide range of shrink bundling machines for both intermittent motion and continuous motion shrink bundling. These shrink wrappers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and are available with a variety of infeed and collation options.

Total Closure Shrink Wrappers

Polypack's Total Closure series are horizontal Form-Fill-Seal shrink wrappers that can be designed to wrap a variety of products into a fully enclosed shrink wrap package. Total closure shrink wrap packs are sealed on all sides for increased product protection. These total closure shrink multipacks are much more resistant to mishandling and warehouse conditions.

Robotic Pick & Place Shrink Bundlers

Polypack's robotic Pick & Place shrink bundling system ensures product stability throughout the entire shrink wrapping process. This robotic system is the only pick and place shrink wrapper capable of handling ovals and unstable products. With no pusher, this shrink wrap system can wrap virtually any product, regardless of stability. The ROKH® shrink wrapper is the most innovative and advanced loading, unloading, and collating shrink bundler available. ROKH® systems are simple, versatile, easy to maintain, and most of all, cost effective.

Tray Loading-Forming Equipment

The Tray Loader / Former ''TR Series'' is extremely versatile, easy to operate, and highly reliable. We offer tray equipment from intermittent motion models all the way up to continuous motion tray loader-former machines that operate at speeds up to 50 trays per minute. As with all Polypack end-of-line packaging machines, the products are stabilized and controlled throughout the entire process. Adjustments for different tray sizes are made quickly and easily, with automatic adjustments being a popular option. The durable stainless steel construction provides many years of service. The TR Series can be integrated with a Polypack shrink wrapper to provide a secure, protected package that is ready for palletizing and distribution. 

JacketPack™ Systems

Unlike traditional 6 panel RSCs that are folded and glued with redundant overlaps, the JacketPack™ corrugate and shrink packaging system uses a completely flat die cut blank consisting of only 4 panels and a single glued flap. This reduction in corrugated material results in a significant cost savings per case. The first folds are executed as the product and blank is pushed into the bucket conveyor. The side tab is then folded in and glued against the back side of the case and the pack is enclose with sleeve/bullseye shrink wrap to enclose the pack. This process of forming a belt or jacket around the pack and shrink wrapping it to enclose it completely eliminates the need for expensive, pre-folded and glued RSCs.

Label Orientation / Product Orientation Systems

Polypack's label orientation system uses an electronic eye and a motorized wheel to rotate round products to a specific point.  The products can be rotated according to their label so that the labels are all facing in the same direction, giving products their maximum shelf appeal. To facilitate the scanning of products, this system can rotate the product to position the UPC codes in a more accessible manner. Polypack's product orientation system can also be used to rotate cans with handles (such as paint cans)  to place them in a specific position. Handle orientation is ideal for multipacking cans to eliminate the potential for breakages.

Polypack's product orientation system can be integrated with the infeed of a new shrink wrapper, or retrofit onto an existing one, further enhancing the effectiveness of our modular design. Label orientation systems are available in single lane or multi-lane designs, and we also offer both high speed continuous motion and intermittent motion models.



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