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Aagard packaging automation systems are made-to-fit your opportunity. Using proven innovative technology and processes, we help you win by delivering the right solution. Reducing line and labor costs, significantly increase overall line efficiency. Your Solution=Greater Results

Cartoners, Case Packers, Palletizers, Sleevers, Combination Systems, Retail Ready, Retort, Custom

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:20+
Number of employees:220+
Geographic sales distribution:North America
Sales Channel:Direct
Service, support & spare parts:

Aagard provides 24/7 remote technical support and troubleshooting. Utilizing a VPN or VNC connections we can provide precise and immediate troubleshooting support, adjust machine settings, modify the program, create new recipes and software updates.


Aagard provides a three step training program. Introductory operator training, which provides an overview of the system and basic production fundamentals, operator hands on demonstration and technical training for in depth troubleshooting.

Other services:

Although you may be content with the performance of your machine after several years in production, you may have the need to upgrade or relocate the machine. The Aagard service department is available to help you with any of these activities. Aagard offers several types of retro’s, such as: electrical control upgrades, product specification and size changes, enhancements to improve machine efficiency, and a general upgrade of current equipment. It is Aagard’s Service Technician’s intent to do this in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

3711 Iowa Street
Alexandria, MN 56308
United States


Aagard is a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation and packaging machinery with an intense focus on production capability and total project success. With facilities in Alexandria, Minnesota, we design, manufacture, and prove each system we build. Our growing work force of creative and highly skilled employees allows us to develop innovative solutions and build efficient machinery of the highest quality.

Aagard’s combination systems increase productivity while minimizing floor space, labor, and utility requirements. Using proven technologies, Aagard has developed unique packaging solutions that combines sleevers, retort loaders/unloaders, cartoners, case packers, palletizers, retail ready, and many smaller unit operations all into a common frame and controls system.

With Aagard’s intense focus on “Production Capability” on every project, many aspects including safety (category 3 safety with locking guard doors), capability (high performance, positive transfers, and fast auto-recovery from stoppages), and reliability (machine cannot damage itself, smooth and optimized operation of each device) are carefully considered. This starts at the beginning with a detailed engineering planning phase including detailed timing charts per SKU as well as 3D design reviews with your team. Later, this planning is proven with a thorough testing phase focusing not only on normal operation, but especially on machine recovery. Each machine is proven with a complete internal FAT process. This focus on “Production Capabilities” enables Aagard to partner with our customers for total project success.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we create, control, and analyze motion in proven applications that you may not have seen before. Let Aagard use our innovation to create the optimum solution for your next project!

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