Fogg Filler Co.

Holland, MI 49424

Company Overview

Learn why Fogg is the premier manufacturer of ESL equipment. The CIP trough will make flavor change and cleaning extremely fast, Sanibar® and base flush systems offer greater cleanliness, rinsers, HEPA machine guarding, Microb-Blasters® to sanitize bottles a caps and more!

Fogg Filler custom builds liquid fillers, cappers, rinsers, sanitizers, and cap sorters.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:50+
Number of employees:170
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and several other areas of the world.
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Fogg’s equipment warranty is one year or 4,000 hours whichever comes first.

Service, support & spare parts:

Fogg offers a 24 hour hotline for emergencies and department personnel that respond promptly to all calls. 616-786-3644. Fogg also offers a parts program that will recommend machine specific parts to have on hand for optimum running efficiency.


All machinery comes with training during the install. Our trained technicians will help install the machinery as well and provide basic training to the staff to ensure proper usage.

Other services:

Fogg offers an audit program where they will visit your plant one or two times a year and review your machine and recommend parts that would aid in better performance of the machinery.

3455 John F. Donnelly
Holland, MI 49424
United States
Fogg is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling, rinsing, capping and enclosure systems for free flowing and viscous liquids. Fogg serves a growing number of dairy, spirits, water, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer product companies around the world. They endeavor to combine skilled craftsmen with innovative management to offer their customers a quality team known for outstanding machinery and service worldwide. Fogg will engineer your system specifically to meet your production requirements – with contoured stainless steel filler bowls up to 12 ft diameter, 120 filling valves, integrated rinser and/or capping systems, machine guarding with HEPA filtration. Fogg offers Gravity and Pressure Gravity filling with speeds and neck handling technology to assure optimum production rates. A variety of options make Fogg cappers ideal for multiple capping applications. Snap caps, snap-screw and screw caps can be run on the same machine. Fogg cappers feature Quick-Change capping chucks that add versatility in changing cap size and container. All Fogg sorters are designed to be simple and efficient to change over and very low maintenance. Fogg Fillers offer many options to extend your product’s shelf life. The Semi-Automatic One-Way Recovery Trough. With a touch of a button you can clean the valves in place without adding or removing any hardware. This enables you to decrease the amount of cleaning time and operator contact with the filling environment, which increases sanitation. The Two tier guarding and low profile filters mounted on top of the enclosure will filter to class 100 (HEPA) air. You can pair the filler with Fogg’s single or twin turret rinser. The first turret is for a chemical rinse and the second is for a sterile water rinse providing maximum protection against micro-organisms. The rinser can also be enclosed and filtered with positively pressured HEPA air. Contact Fogg today to learn how we can help you gain that competitive edge you have been looking for! Fogg now offers Carbonated Fillers as well for up to 400 bpm.
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