E-Pak Machinery Inc.

E-PAK Machinery, Inc. offers a wide variety of liquid filling machine technologies capable of filling viscous and non-viscous liquids as well as foamy products with a high degree of accuracy and many options to choose from.

E-PAK Machinery, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of in-line liquid packaging machinery.

We offer a wide variety of manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic machines for filling, capping, plugging, labeling, date coding and bottle handling solutions. Our complete line of liquid filling machines & systems are designed with simple and versatile designs, built with high-quality materials to provide many years of service and offer a cost-effective solution for almost any liquid packaging application. We have machinery available for most industries, including non-food and food products.

All of our liquid filling equipment is manufactured using the best materials available in the industry. Each part is designed to last through years of use, resisting wear in order to maintain optimal efficiency. Our machinery is known for its reliability and compatibility with complete liquid packaging lines, helping businesses profit as much as they can from their packaging facilities. We also provide field services to help effectively maintain each piece of equipment, further preventing any potential decrease in productivity.


As top manufacturers in the industry, E-PAK Machinery offers 24/7 technical support, installation, high- speed camera monitoring, leasing, welding, machine shop and fabrication services. We will make sure your facility utilizes any filling equipment you purchase to its full potential. Even if you don't notice a lack of efficiency in your production line, we can help you identify any potential weaknesses and work with you to eliminate them.

 We pride ourselves on providing the product your business needs, from gallon filling machines to filling machines that can handle containers as small as a cup, tube, vial, or ampoule.


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