SACMI Packaging & Chocolate

Des Moines, IA 50322

Company Overview

Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate (Carle & Montanari OPM FIMA) a global supplier of complete engineered systems Providing Chocolate, Primary and secondary Packaging and Foil wrapping with a US based Spare parts inventory, Engineering and Technical Service team

Chocolate Process and Molding, Primary and Secondary Packaging, Accumulation, Storage and Distribution Systems

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:100+
Number of employees:4,515
Geographic sales distribution:Global
Sales Channel:North America, Latin America, South America Central Europe, Direct Sales Operations
Service, support & spare parts:

U.S.-based technical support team, with U.S.-based spare parts inventory


Remote and On-Site Training and Support for Operations, Maintenance and Engineering

Other services:

Machine Design, Plant Layout and Design, Systems Engineering, Support and Technical Services

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Key Contact
Mark Lozano
V. P. North American Operations
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