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VDG (Van der Graaf)

Shelby Township, MI 48315

Company Overview

VDG is the leader in the design and manufacturing of drum motors for belt conveyors in USA & Canada, providing reliable conveyor belt drive solutions for 37 years.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:30+
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central & South America, Europe, Asia
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
13771 Cavaliere Drive
Shelby Township, MI 48315
United States
Phone:888 326-1476

With a strong focus on addressing safety, reliability, and longevity, continuous improvements through R&D, along with in-house manufacturing using cutting-edge production technology and automation, VDG ensures product quality, fast delivery, and after sales support.

The VDG Drum Motor has all drive components, including the electric motor, gear reducer, and bearings, enclosed inside the drum, increasing energy efficiency, operator safety and optimizing space. VDG Drum Motors are manufactured with precision made components and designed for 80,000 hours of operation before maintenance, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance, and operational costs.

VDG has developed and patented an IronGrip™ lagging system which consists of steel bars welded symmetrically on the drum with hot-bond vulcanized lagging inserts between the bars. IronGrip™ lagging eliminates uneven belt wear, improves belt tracking, increases belt traction by 40%, and has 4-5 times longer service life compared to standard lagging.

SSV Series Drum Motors, designed for food processing and handling belt conveyors, are the most hygienic drive solution. It features IP69K rated sealing system, withstands up to 3,000 psi washdown pressure, drives modular, wire mesh, and monolithic conveyor belts without using sprockets, and eliminates crevices that trap food by-products, reducing washdown time and water usage by 50%. SSV Drum Motors are available either with the belt profile machined directly on the stainless steel drum or with the new removable profiled sleeve (XP).

The IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor features new synchronous permanent magnet motor technology, delivering 40% increased electrical efficiency, a wider range of belt speeds without loss of torque and an increase in electric motor lifespan compared to a traditional conveyor drive. It enables onsite diagnostics, full motor indexing speed control, and communications with other automated plant equipment.

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