Anubis 3D Industrial solutions Inc

Mississauga, Ontario L5L5Z3

Company Overview

Anubis 3D is a global leader in Additive Manufacturing for rapid End of Arm Tooling EOAT. From design ingenuity and fabrication through testing, we deliver innovative automation solutions, and market leadership for our customers across many industries.

Area Surface grippers, Carton Erectors ,Bottle and Jar Grippers, Manual Tool Changer, FANUC SCARA Cover and Bellow Kit ,FANUC IRVISION Camera Cover and Mounts.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:9 years
Number of employees:10
Geographic sales distribution:USA and Canada
Sales Channel:Direct Industry, website

One year warranty on all products.

Service, support & spare parts:

Spare parts for all our custom tooling and products available upon request. Lead time varies according to availability and 3D printed components delivery within one week.


We provide detailed operational instructions for all our tooling .

Other services:

Design and build for custom End of Arm Tooling FEA Analysis and Topography Optimization

4100A Sladeview Crescent
Unit # 4
Mississauga, Ontario L5L5Z3
Toll Free:1800-905-6073

Anubis 3D offers customized lightweight tooling solutions for food and beverage packaging, automotive, and end of line Pick N Place. We manufacture a wide range of cost-competitive robotic tooling such as bottle and jar grippers, surface grippers, carton erectors and quick tool changers.

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