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BellatRx Inc.

Montreal, QC H9X 4B2

Company Overview

BellatRx is a global leader in the design & manufacturing of Complete Packaging Lines, Filling, Capping, Labeling, Inspection, and Recovery systems for Rigid Containers serving pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, beverage, and personal care industries.

BellatRx’s turnkey packaging solutions include: unscramblers, counters, liquid fillers, auger fillers, cappers, desiccant inserters, cotton insertion, induction sealers, retorquers for caps, labelers, banders for tamper evident shrink sleeve and full stretch sleeve, inspection systems, detection systems, end-of-line equipment, conveyors, turntables, accumulating / surge tables, line integration, and product recovery. Our Capping applications include over-capping, plugging, press-on, roll-on, screw, and specialty applications such as dispensers, pumps, and fitments. Secure Chuck Capper with torque monitoring is an automatic chuck-style cap applicator which consistently applies and torques closures onto containers. The chuck design squarely applies closures to containers and ensures low rejects and cross-threads. The Secure Chuck Capper can be changeover with minimal adjustment points.  Setups are repeatable and ensure uptime is maximized. Magna Capper is an automatic capping machine designed specifically for large containers and closures for food and nutritional products. It applies and torques closures onto large containers consistently ensuring proper sealing. The chuck design squarely applies closures to containers and ensures low rejects and cross-threads. The Magna Capper can be changed over with minimal adjustment repeatably. CPC Capper has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the cosmetic and personal care markets. It is a versatile capper for sensitive damage prone caps, flip caps, pump and trigger caps with curved stems. A stem aligning mechanism ensures proper cap placement. A cap sorter can be used to automatically feed caps. Precise torque control, display and recording, ensures no leaks on finished products. The CPC Capper can be changed over with minimal adjustment repeatably. When it comes to Filling, BellatRx offers an extensive range of equipment for inline and monobloc applications. Constellation Monobloc is our newest servo-driven packaging system to pre-weigh, fill, post-weigh, cap, torque, and inspect unstable microtubes, vials, and cartridges to ensure adherence to specifications. It is suited to small and large batches of high-value liquid products where accuracy is key for pharma, biotech, diagnostic, and healthcare customers. What really sets the system apart is its dual-weight control of vials and microtubes before and after filling. Aquarius Monobloc is a our new fill, plug, cap and torque servo-driven system especially designed for applications in the Cosmetic, Biotech, E-Liquid and Pharmaceutical industries. It employs precise dispensing using volumetric piston or peristaltic pumps, and diving nozzles.Rx-12, a solid dose product count system, is a high speed and flexible tablet and product counter which fits in a small footprint. The Rx-12 tablet counter employs superior counting technology to provide improved count accuracy. Wider channels enable increased speed when running large pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Its compact design requires minimal space on production line. The Rx-12 required no product change parts and changes over in without tools in 15 minutes or less. Our Rx-Fill series handle applications up to 240 cpm with accurate counts. The Rx-Desiccant PLUS is the only machine on the market that inserts pre-cut pouches and canisters. Depending on the application, we use auger, count, vibratory, or volumetric filling. Our Monobloc equipment includes our RCB Cappers for high-speed production and can be combined with filling. Our Labeling solutions for pressure sensitive labels cover just about any application including wrap, panel, top and bottom, front and back, and print and apply. Notaris labelers are available in wraparound, panel, multi-panel, and multi-head (top, bottom, front, back, & side) configurations. They can be fitted with redundant labeling head for quick turnaround once a label roll is depleted.  The Notaris labeler utilizes a Herma 500 servo label applicator and is equipped with a full range of accessories to print lot, barcodes, and expiration dates.  OCR or OCV vision inspection ensure proper print.  Full serialization can be built into Notaris. Bell-Sort 100 is a compact bottle unscrambler which can fit in tight layout. It incorporates a built-in bottle hopper which feeds a sorting starwheel to orient bottles into the correct orientation. An optional bottle rinser inverts bottles upside down, and blows ionized filtered air while applying vacuum to the neck of the bottles. It can handle round, oblong, and square bottles. Setups are repeatable and ensure uptime is maximized.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:20
Number of employees:100
Geographic sales distribution:North America, South America, International
Service, support & spare parts:

At BellatRx, we live by an encompassing mindset to create “Beyond Expectation” experience for our customers. This experience is derived from our capabilities in application analysis, innovative engineering designs, product development, project management, on-time delivery, installation, start-up support, training, and ongoing aftermarket support.Using “Augmented Reality” handsfree headsets, we are offering an innovative way of delivering service to our customers instantly.  We strive to create a unique and personalized experience for our customers after-market support including optimized real-time access to qualified engineers, superior customer interactions, and richer user experience.“Beyond Expectations” customer support is just one click away!


BellatRx hosts webinars and provides training videos for setup and changeover. 

Other services:

Providing packaging equipment and lines for oil, water, cosmetics, toiletries, soap, paint pigments, sauces including chocolate and honey, clinical diagnostics solutions and buffers, dental powder, sterile environments, spices, creams, bio / diagnostics, coconut oil, linden oil, moisturizers, vinegar, corrosive chlorine environment, liquid vitamins, fitments for flexible packaging, dressings, tablets, soft gels, hair color, protein powder, diagnostic blood test product, laundry detergent, dish soap, protein powders, intrinsically safe, nail polish, eardrops, laundry soap, animal vitamins and supplements, lotions, scents, creamers, fish oil capsules, nuts, candles, clean rooms, capsules, hard gels, and caplets.

20655 Boulevard Industriel
Montreal, QC H9X 4B2
Phone:(514) 630-0939
Fax:(514) 630-1939

BellatRx is a leading manufacturer of complete packaging lines and equipment and your number one source for inventive, advanced, and automated packaging and filling solutions.  Our expertise lies in the engineering and manufacturing innovative equipment designed to your specifications for a turnkey operation.

Our packaging lines are designed to meet your packaging requirements ranging from small batch runs to large high-speed operation.  We design our lines with speed, efficiency, flexibility, and ease of changeover in mind. Your packaging line will be modular with expansion capabilities built in to keep pace with your company’s growing demands.  Our expert technical team, support customers throughout the process from kick-off to final commissioning, and beyond. 

BellatRx is a global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of Complete Packaging Lines, Filling, Capping, Labeling, Inspection, and Recovery systems focusing on Rigid Containers. We serve a broad range of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, cosmetics and personal care for solid products, liquids, and powders.  

BellatRx continues to implement the latest automation technologies to manufacture packaging machines which become the benchmark in the industry due to their intuitive operation and easy setup. We are dedicated to expanding our product lines by ongoing investments in our people, R&D, and facilities to provide our customers with the best support, lead time and value.

We strive to always deliver a "Beyond Expectations" experience for our customers.

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Marketing Specialist
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Regional Sales Manager – Intl. – South America – USA South-East
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