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Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Company Overview

Labeling automation is our core business. A Panther labeling automation solution keeps your operation moving for manufacturing, distribution, logistics, fulfillment, and e-commerce operations.

Our solutions include:Panther PredatorOur fastest, most adaptive print and apply labeling system ever. The Predator is built for speed – and accuracy – to boost your throughput and elevate your business.This feature-rich label automation system is the durable, reliable option for exceptional print and apply labeling performance.Predator systems are used in high-volume logistics and warehouse applications, where their ability to quickly and accurately label products are varying height is unparalleled in the industry. In addition, the Predator system can be configured to print and apply labels to shipping cases (one or two labels per case) as well as apply multiple labels to pallets. Regardless of the application, the Predator applicator modules are servo-driven and no compressed air is needed. Panther PhantomEngineered to the same high standards as the Predator, Panther's Phantom line is a versatile print and apply labeling system, ideal for many applications.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:22
Number of employees:30-40
Geographic sales distribution:US and Canada
Sales Channel:OEM and Integrators
Other services:

Full support services, across North America.

8990 Barrons Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Phone:(303) 703-9876

Labeling is critical in logistics, distribution, warehousing, and e-commerce, and this is where Panther excels.

 Whether printing and applying shipping labels to varying size packages, handling label plus pack-slip applications, or printing and applying license plate barcode labels, there is a well-proven Panther solution backed up with excellent support.

 Printing and applying a label to the top of random-size cases or trays is often necessary for logistics operations.

 This can be for license plate labels or shipping and pack slip applications. The Panther Predator is ideal for this when equipped with our servo-tamp applicator. 

For applying one or two labels to the sides of cases or pallets, Predator can be configured with a servo-controlled CarbonFlex™ applicator. This system is fast and more forgiving of poor product handling than other applicator types. 

The machine can be mounted on our Servo-Stand for applying labels at different heights on the product. 

The Panther Shadow is often an excellent option for companies wanting to automate labeling processes. The Shadow uses a servo-tamp applicator (like the high-speed Predator) integrated with a table-top label printer. 

The result is a simple, low-cost print-and-apply labeler ideal for getting your labeling to the next level. All Predator and Shadow systems are all-electric in operation, and no compressed air is needed.

ID Technology Labels

Our direct thermal and thermal transfer labels are perfect for your Panther labeling system. With seven label production plants across North America, we are your local label company with a national reach.

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Steve Finn
Sales Account Manager