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East Troy, WI 53120

Company Overview

The next generation of coding & marking technology IQJET, developed by the leading coding and marking specialist LEIBINGER, is a system that redefines the industry's standard. It places a laser-sharp focus on sustainability, unwavering reliability, and significant cost savings. Here's what makes IQJET a game-changer:Plug & Print perfection: IQJET offers seamless plug & print integration and easy, intuitive operation, ensuring maximum availability without any production downtime. For the first five years, it requires no maintenance.Sustainability at its Core: IQJET takes pride in its pioneering sustainability features, promising lower operating costs while reducing environmental impact.Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Evolution: CIJ printers are known for their flexibility in printing variable data, and IQJET takes it to the next level. It's suitable for various surfaces, shapes, and materials, offering a contactless and environmentally safe solution. Say Goodbye to Downtime: Unlike conventional CIJ printers, IQJET's fully automated nozzle sealing technology eliminates the need for regular cleaning, ensuring zero downtime and a pristine print image every time it starts.Unmatched efficiency: IQJET not only reduces solvent consumption during printing pauses but also collects and recycles evaporated solvent, saving up to 50 percent compared to rival systems.Zero waste: IQJET cartridges are designed for complete utilization, minimizing waste and contributing to a greener planet.Seamless integration: With numerous interfaces and a user-friendly interface, IQJET seamlessly integrates into your plug & print production operations.Lasting quality: Manufactured in Germany with a focus on quality and durability, IQJET requires no maintenance for five years, minimizing production downtime and repair costs.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:75
Number of employees:300
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Sales Channel:Certified Partner Network

Two-year parts warranty on all printer models.

Service, support & spare parts:

Our development and production hub is based in Germany, our subsidiaries are in USA and China. Yet our footprint spans across the globe. With our extensive network of over 150  partners, we guarantee we are within your reach no matter where you are.


Training available worldwide at all LEIBINGER locations and through our certified factory trained LEIBINGER Partner Network.

Other services:

We are an innovative company dedicated to giving our customers precise, accurate and effective marking solutions including printers, software, consumables and services. With a total of 150 partners worldwide, we are always close to you.This means you get excellent service, personal contact on site. Whether you need to speak to our sales force or order relevant parts, inks or solvent, we offer an intelligent one stop solution. We are also dedicated to giving you the best advice – so you get the best possible products for your needs every single time.Our dealer network consists of carefully selected partners who share the company guiding principle of highest product quality and reliability. Through long-term cooperation and close partnerships with our dealers, we offer competent and sustainable support and services to meet our customers' product marking requirements in the best possible way.

2701-B Buell Drive
Suite B
East Troy, WI 53120
United States

Your trusted partner for coding and marking solutions worldwide

LEIBINGER is a globally renowned provider of coding and marking solutions, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. Our state-of-the-art products are distinguished by their exceptional quality and innovative fully automatic nozzle sealing technology. This cutting-edge technology not only eliminates the need for cleaning routines but also unplanned downtime.

LEIBINGER passionately develops and manufactures coding & marking systems with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Our primary objective is to enhance productivity, guarantee trouble-free and reliable production processes, and deliver top-notch marking solutions to our valued customers worldwide.

As a third-generation family-run company, we are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and reliability in all that we do. Our versatile coding and marking systems cater to a wide array of markets and applications, operating seamlessly even in the most demanding environments and at extreme speeds.

Our headquarters is based in Germany, our subsidiaries are in the USA and China. Our partner network extends worldwide. Choose LEIBINGER as your trusted partner and elevate your coding and marking solutions to the next level of precision and efficiency.

CIJ reinvented - the world's only automatic nozzle sealing technology! Embrace uninterrupted productivity with LEIBINGER.

LEIBINGER is CIJ  - BUT with a big decisive difference! Most conventional CIJ printers on the market need to be regularly cleaned, frequently before every operation, meaning the production line has to be stopped during this period. This occurs because the ink in the systems dries up when they are not in use, clogging the lines. But not so with LEIBINGER printers.

Unique on the market, the innovative nozzle seal technology in the LEIBINGER printers makes cleaning superfluous as the ink is sealed within a totally air-tight circuit during printing intervals. No ink clogging or drying up, no cleaning and no expensive downtime make the working day easier. Fast start-up times, high availability and a continuous high-quality print are guaranteed.

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