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ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc.

Sarasota, FL 34240

Company Overview

ALLIEDFLEX is a packaging machinery specialists focused on Flexible Packaging Solutions. We have provided hundreds of machines for Standup Pouch and VFFS applications. We also provide complete turnkey systems including Top Load Cartoning, Tray and Case Packing Systems,

Pouch Fill Seal, Bag Filling, Standup Pouch, Top Load cartoning, case packing systems,

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:21
Number of employees:20
Geographic sales distribution:North and Central and South America
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Standard 12 month warranty

Service, support & spare parts:

Domestic Parts and Service Support via PMMI Certified Trainers


Advanced training via PMMI Certified Trainers, Spanish and English

Other services:

Systems Engineering Services

780 Apex Road
Sarasota, FL 34240
United States

ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. - - 1.941.923.1181 


ALLIEDFLEX® is a leading North American supplier of Global Standup Pouch Packaging Machinery and Turnkey System Provider. We also provide integrated systems for Innovative Flexible Packaging - Pouch & Bag Packaging Systems – HFFS | VFFS | Pre-Made Pouch Fill Seal Systems, Pouch Processing Systems (Pasteurization, Cooling & Retort) & Automated Packaging including Flow Wrap, Flow Pack, Robotic Flex Picker, Top Load Multipack Cartoning, Tray Packing, Collating, and Case Packing Systems. 

ALLIEDFLEX® offers: Fill Seal (pre-made), Fill through Spout, and Form Fill Seal (roll stock) HFFS Machinery Technologies, Horizontal Pouch Packaging, VFFS - Vertical Pouch-Bag Packaging, Turnkey Robotic Automation for Pouch Processing and End of Line Packaging, Pouch Processing Systems include Pasteurization, Pouch Cooling and Retort Pouch Chambers. Semi & Automated Machinery from Pilot Plant to High-Speed Automated Systems.

Markets Served: Beverage, Applesauce, Baby Food, Candy, Snacks, Dried Fruit, Meal Kits, MRE, Wine, Sauces, Cereal, Detergent Pods, Pet Treats, Pet Food, Shredded Cheese, Bakery Products, Cookies, Croutons, Coffee, Health & Beauty, Oil, Granola, Rice, Pasta, Yogurt, Poultry, Dairy, Alcohol, Chemical, Confectionary, Protein Powder, Nutraceuticals, Spices, Pharmaceutical, Fruit Puree, Frozen Foods, Processed Foods, Personal Care, Condiments, Energy Gels, Baking Mixes & More.

Our Global Machinery Partners include: 

VELTEKO VFFS | HDG HFFS | IMA ILAPAK LUX Continuous Motion HFFS | iXAPACK Secondary Packaging Automation | ARANOW Stick Pack | UMBRA Large Pouch & Bag Filling Machinery | FLX Brand of Pouch | Bag Rotary & In-Line Fill Seal Systems | FLX Brand of Spouted Pouch Filling & Capping Systems | FLX ROTARY RETORT POUCH FILLING SYSTEMS

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Key Contacts
Ed Giovannone
General Manager
Dennis Calamusa
President | CEO