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TopTier Palletizers

Product Summary: Conventional and Robotic Palletizers: the nation's #1 selling line
TopTier continues to set new benchmarks in palletizing with features such as: ▪PerfectPattern™ infeed confirmation ▪Proactive Stretch Wrapping ▪Advanced Safety Protection: category 4 PL-d ▪All-electric performance ▪and more...
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North, Central, & South America. Europe. South Pacific.
One year from date of installation or 400 days from shipment date, whichever occurs first to be free from manufacturing defects
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24/hour 7-day in-house and field technical support
Address:  10315 SE Jennifer Street
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Phone:  (503) 353-7388
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TopTier Palletizers

TopTier palletizers are more compact and less expensive than traditional palletizing solutions. Our patented technology uses simplified modular designs for reliability and flexibility. TopTier palletizers are engineered to be durable, easy to use, and the safest on the global market. TopTier offers both conventional and hybrid robotic solutions.

Advanced Safety Protection: Operator access to the interior of the palletizers integral safety cage frame system is controlled by category 4 PLd rated safety devices that remained locked until a safe condition is confirmed by the safety controller. Controlled entry is part of our standard comprehensive safety protocol that also includes redundant protection for gravity induced hazards and removal of all high voltage outside the control panel prior to any entrance into the safety cage.

Concurrent Wrapping: The first to the market with concurrent stretch wrapping, TopTier technology now provides error free wrapping with multiple load containment options. Should the film brake during wrapping, the system automatically recovers without operator intervention. Film cut and wipe automatically adjusts to any load size, assuring reliable film tail treatment. Wrap head pre-stretch capabilities can reliably pre-stretch film at the upper range of film specifications reducing overall film use.

All-Electric Operation: Hybrid servo control provides unparalleled control of palletizer device movements with exceptionally simple maintenance. The hybrid servo drives are essentially invisible to operators and maintenance personnel as the AB PLC manages all positioning functions. All-electric operation results in higher speeds, gentle handling, increased reliability, lower maintenance cost, and energy efficiency. (Optional)

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TopTier is the nation's #1 selling line of medium speed palletizers, serving an elite list of both smaller and Fortune 1000 customers. Visit www.toptier.com for additional videos, and contact our sales engineers for persuasive solutions.. (503) 353-7388, [email protected].

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