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Alexandria Technical College (Alexandria, MN)

Center for Automation and Motion Control
Phone: 888/234-1222
Degree: Associate in Applied Science in Fluid Power Technology
Description: Center for Automation and Motion Control (CAMC) is responsible for delivering all relevant tools necessary for an individual to succeed in the technologically advanced fields of manufacturing automation and motion control. The program focuses on the study of hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics, programmable logic controller (PLC), robotics, automation, and related subjects. Students will learn the function, application, and operational theory of hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation components.
Contact: John Seim
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California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Industrial Technology Department, Packaging Program
Phone: 805/756-2058
Degree: Packaging Minor
Description: This interdisciplinary minor complements a degree major with a planned curriculum in packaging. Courses cover the design of package forms and graphics, the specifications of materials and machinery to be used, the evaluation of package systems, as well as the planning and coordinating of packaging requirements.
Contact: Dr. Jay Singh, Packaging Program Coordinator
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Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

Department of Packaging Science
Phone: 864/656-7637
Degree: BS in Packaging Science, MS in Packaging Science, and PhD in Food Technology
Description: The BS degree is a science-based curriculum, requiring 16 packaging science courses as well as computer-aided drafting and design, and graphic communications. The MS degree prepares graduates tp work independently in R & D and ne packaging processes and materails.
Contact: Dr. Robert Kimmel

The Center for Fexible Packaging (CEFPACK)
Focuses on teaching, research and service to the flexible packaging industry.
Phone: 864/656-6534
Contact: Dr. Robert Kimmel

The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics
Emphasizes the intersection of the Packaging Science and Graphics Communications Departments.
Contact: Chip Tonkin
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Dunwoody College of Technology (Minneapolis, MN)

Robotics and Manufacturing Technology Program
Phone: 612/381-8172
Degree: AAS degree in Automated Systems and Robotics
Description: The program provides students with knowledge of mechanical systems, sensors, PLCs, robotics, motion-control systems and more. Students work with actual industrial robots and learn the standards and curriculum set forth by PMMI, IoPP, RIA, NFPA, ISA and national trade organizatios.
Contact: E.J. Daigle
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Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, NY)

School of Art & Design, Packaging Design
Phone: 212/217-8162
Degree: BFA in Packaging Design
Description: The two year program covers how to identify the strategic issues involved in creating the right packaging design program for a given brand and incorporate technological innovations to present packaging design solutions. The degree includes the study of typography, graphic imagery, color structural design, packaging material production, technology consumer characteristics, buying patterns, and industry segmentation.
Contact: Marianne Klimchuk
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Indiana State University (Terre Haute, IN)

Department of Industrial and Mechanical Technology,Packaging Technology
Phone: 812/237-3353
Degree: BS in Packaging Technology, MS in Industrial Technology, and PhD in Technology Management and Education
Description: The B.S. degree is a cooperative effort between ISU’s School of Technology, the Institute of Packaging Professionals, and representatives of Indiana’s packaging industries. Program instruction involves a combination of classroom learning and hands-on laboratory experiences. These activities explore the use and application of machines and test equipment, design techniques, and the management function. The program offers specialization in manufacturing, machine design, graphic/design, and marketing.
Contact: Mr. Marion Schafer, Program Coordinator
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Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

School of Packaging
Phone: 517/353-6797
Degree: BS in Packaging Science, MS and PhD in Packaging
Description: The BS program prepares students for a variety of careers in packaging, starting with introduction courses to packaging and proceeding to courses on packaging materials, systems, testing, computer applications, and packaging development. The School of Packaging offers both MS and PhD degrees in packaging. Plan A (Thesis) MS program includes substantial research. Plan B (Non-thesis) MS program has less research, but more coursework in packaging. PhD program involves extensive research and coursework.
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Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla, MO)

Engineering Management Department
Phone: 573/341-6569
Degree: BS Engineering Management, Manufacturing/Packaging Engineering Internal Preference Area
Description: Engineering Management is the degree that "bridges the gap" between engineering and management. More technically speaking, this is the degree that provides graduates with both technical and managerial skills. It combines a typical engineering education (technical) with key elements of a typical management or business education (managerial). Specific engineering disciplines include designing, operating, and improving manufacturing and packaging systems.
Contact: Dr. Stephen Raper
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Mohawk College (Brantford, Ontario)

Packaging Management & Technology
Phone: 519/759-6084
Degree: Co-operative Education Program, Three-year Packaging Technologist option, and Two-year Packaging Technician option
Description: This program is designed to produce packaging specialists capable of applying technical materials knowledge to the design, manufacture, and use of packaging, and the containing, protecting, preserving, and transporting of products in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. Studies emphasize the technical and structural considerations in the design of packaging systems, physical properties of material and their applications in a manufacturing environment, and development of fundamental quality assurance capabilities.
Contact: Professor Derek Whitney, P.Eng., M.Eng
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Pratt Institute (New York, NY)

School of Art & Design
Packaging Design
Phone: 718/ 636-3619
Degree: MS in Packaging Design
Description: The program offers a curriculum centered on the decision-making process for new product-package development, including courses in packaging design, visual communications, technology, marketing, form, and structure.
Contact: Donald Ariev
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Purdue University Calumet (Hammond, IN)

Department of Engineering Technology
Phone: 219/989-2471
Degree: BS degrees in Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering Technology.
Description: Applied programs where students learn with theory and with extensive, hands-on laboratory work. The Mechatronics Engineering Technology Program is specifically designed to support packaging machinery manufacturers with lab experiences designing, manufacturing, and controlling high speed packaging machinery. The other related programs are general in nature with packaging applications implemented into the course work and labs.
Contact: Mr. Edward Perosky, Academic Advisor ( or The Center for Packaging Machinery Industry (
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Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)

Department of Packaging Science
Degree: BS in Packaging Science with options in management, technical, and printing; MS in Packaging Science
Description: The BS program provides educational opportunities in preparation for initial employment in package engineering, development, sales, purchasing, structural design, production, research, and marketing. The M.S program is flexible enough to meet the needs of professionals who have been working in the field for a number of years, and it is suitable for those students who wish to pursue a graduate program immediately upon receiving the BS degree.
Contact: Tom Voss
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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ)

School of Engineering, Packaging Engineering
Phone: 732/445-3224
Degree: BS in Packaging Engineering, Certificate in Packaging Engineering
Description: Rutgers is the first and only university with an engineering-based curriculum for packaging in the nation. Students follow a set coursework in mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers and business, along with 15 packaging specific courses. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are used for university research projects and in addition for the Package Testing Commercial Service Program to provide opportunities for student engagement in academic research projects.
Contact: Dr. Hae Chang Gea

San Jose State University (San Jose, CA)

College of Engineering
Phone: 408/924-3800
Degree: BS Industrial & Systems Engineering with a Concentration in Packaging
Description: The Packaging Engineering Concentration meets the current industry needs with a curriculum including engineering topics that meet ABET requirements, and legislation and environmental issues. Campus resources are available, such as comprehensive laboratories with various state-of-the art equipment and approximately $900,000 in endowments allocated to the Packaging Program.
Contact: Fritz Yambrach, PhD

Department of Nutrition and Food Science
Phone: 408/924-3100
Degree: BS Major or Minor in Packaging
Description: Classrooms and lab facilites are appointed with state-of-the-art scientific instrumentaton and equipment. A close relationship with Packaging Industry Associations and professionals further enhances the program.
Contact: Dr. Lucy M. McProud
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School of Military Packaging Technology (Atlanta, GA)

Phone: 800/917-2081
Degree: Packaging Professional Certification
Description: We provide basic, specialized, and advanced training to develop the packaging skills of Department of Defense (DOD) personnel. Our goal is to help improve supply management and assure materiel readiness in a timely and cost-effective manner. The program is designed to award certification to those continuing education in the military packaging career field. The program is co-sponsored and approved by the National Institute of Packaging, Handling, and Logistics Engineers, and is administered by the School of Military Packaging Technology (SMPT).
Contact: Charles P. Hutter
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University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department, Packaging Science,
Phone: 352/392-1864
Degree: BS in Packaging Science and Minor in Packaging Science
Description: The Packaging Science program builds on a solid foundation in the pure sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, and math) and applies it to issues facing the packaging industry. Packaging Science incorporates useful tools for commerce, including accounting and economics. Our new state-of-the-art facility features cutting-edge technology which allows students to combine science and innovation using tools such as 3-D Package Design. Undergraduate students also have an opportunity to obtain a minor in Packaging Science designed to compliment studies to help prepare the student for a career in or closely associated to Packaging.
Contact: Dr. Bruce Welt
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, IL)

Food Science
Phone: 217/333-9329
Degree: BS in Food Science and in Food Industry and Business, MS in Food Science, and PhD in Food Science
Description: Food science is a multidisciplinary field covering the principles of chemistry, biology, and engineering as it applies to food. Students are exposed to all components of food processing, from raw material handling, methods of chemical and microbiological analysis, chemical reactions, biochemical properties, engineering, processing, and sanitation. The Food Industry curriculum is more general for a more broad-based career in the areas of management and business administration, communications, and general sales. The core program comprises food science, business, and communications.
Contact: Dr. Scott A. Morris
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University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie, WI)

Phone: 715/232-1232
Degree: BS in Packaging and M.S. in Management Technology
Description: The Packaging program offers an aptitude for communication skills, the sciences, and mathematics. Student have the opportunity to select an “emphasis” that includes course and lab work beyond the technical core of the program. Emphasis areas include package graphic design, printing, manufacturing/quality, business/sales, foods/packaging, or package design, research and development.
Contact: Robert Berkemer
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University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

College of Applied Science
Phone: 513/556-6567
Degree: AS and BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Description: The MET curriculum focuses on design, manufacturing and energy technologies. Coursework includes classes in motion control and mechanical design. Academic instruction covers the relevant theory needed in each area with core courses being integrated with extensive laboratory assignments. The emphasis is machine design, including packaging machinery. Class projects involve designing machines to handle packages of many materials and different sizes. Coursework in package design or packaging materials is not offered.
Contact: Muthar Al-Ubaid
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Virginia Polytechnic and State Institute (Blacksburg, VA)

Food Science & Technology
Phone: 540/231-6806
Degree: BS in Food Science and Technology, MS in Food Science and Technology with emphasis on Food Packaging and Processing and PhD in Food Science and Technology
Description: The Food Science and Technology program is designed to provide a broad undergraduate program in basic sciences on which to build technical competence in food science and technology. Key research areas include food microbiology, preservation and packaging, and the study of consumer food preference. The undergraduate curriculum offers options in science, technology, pre-vet, or food biology.
Contact: Susan Sumner, Department Head

College of Natural Resources, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials
Phone: 540-231-7107
Degree: The Packaging Systems and Design degree program at Virginia Tech is one of the unique packaging program in the United States which focuses on sustainable packaging systems design throughout the curriculum. Our students learn about the basics of food and plastic packaging, bio-based packaging solutions, protective and distributional packaging, packaging design, and customer perception. The program places a strong emphasis on hands on and real life experience, green packaging systems, and the adoption of continuous improvement principles such as lean manufacturing throughout the whole packaging design process.
Contact: Laszlo Horvath

Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)

School of Applied Science and Engineering
Department of Paper and Printing Science
Phone: 269/387-2775
Degrees: BS in Paper Science or Paper Engineering, MS in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering, and PhD in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering.
Description: The programs provide a progressive learning and research environment for a diverse student population to meet the global needs of the paper, printing, and chemical engineering industries. All undergraduate students participate in hands-on summer internships and over fifty percent of students receive financial support through our Paper Technology Foundation and other scholarships.
Contact: Said Abubakr, Chairman and Professor
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Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (New Richmond, WI)

Automated Packaging Systems Technician Program
Phone: 715/468-2815
Degree: Technical diploma in Automated Packaging Systems
Description: Training to service and repair a wide variety of packaging equipment and automated systems, Emphasis on maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical, mechanical, and fluid power components on packaging equipment including industrial computer controls and programmable logic controllers. Classroom and hands-on lab instruction on packaging machines plus visits to packaging industries included.
Contact: Kevin Lipsky
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