Case Study: How Hershey's thwarted SKU proliferation with hybrid palletizing solution

Detailed case study from Intelligrated highlights the drivers behind Hershey's decision to automate from manual palletizing, including high labor costs, an explosion in SKU's and pack pattern configurations, and worker safety concerns.

Read this case study to learn about how Hershey navigated the choice between conventional, economic palletizing and robotic palletizing. Both systems offered benefits as well as drawbacks for Hershey's application. Learn about the Alvey solution, a hybrid system that borrowed the best of both worlds.

Learn how Hershey was able to install the multi-component system in only five weeks, and have it commissioned in only three.

Case study also explains how pattern generation software was added, to simplify the development of new pack patterns without high-priced engineering time.

Includes plenty of in-plant photography.

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