Four Critical Questions to Ask When Buying A Case Erector

Factors beyond the initial cost of a case erector can make or break packaging line success. This paper from Wayne Automation highlights four critical questions to ask when selecting a reliable case erector.

For packagers just getting into automating the secondary portion of their packaging line, a case erector is often the first purchase. For veteran packaging lines, the case erector is often considered the anchor in the secondary portion of the line. Whether you are just starting out or you’re getting ready to update your line, you’ll find dozens of case erector models on the market today.

Your first step is to narrow down the field by choosing models that will handle the appropriate throughput speeds, box style capabilities (RSC, HSC, Tablok, AFM, etc.), and case size ranges for your project. Bear in mind the future of your packaging line. Will the speeds increase? Is it possible that the package style will change? Sometimes selecting a system with more flexibility upfront will save you big down the road.

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