Top Loader Flexibility

What are the significant issues to consider when making your large capital equipment purchase affordable over the long term? Click here to learn how flexibility and customization can easily be the standard when working with an OEM supplier who's adept at making the tough engineering choices.

“Comparing all the different packaging systems we manufacture it be-comes evident that at the moment the Top Loader area is the strongest growing section in our company. Therefore our R&D and construction departments pay attention to this area”, says Claus Paal, Managing Di-rector of Paal Verpackungsmaschinen from Remshalden near Stuttgart, Germany.

Flexibility being one of the most important criteria concerning packaging machines applies especially for Top Loader as well. Product life cycles become shorter and more insecure. This in turn increasingly complicates capital investment in machinery and equipment. When making investment decisions it is important to know whether these investments in machinery and equipment can be easily subjected to future changes yet remain at a reasonable price.

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