Qimarox: High capacity shrink wrapper

Qimarox has released a fast and reliable shrink wrapper, sold exclusively to OEMs and system integrators.

High capacity shrink wrapper
High capacity shrink wrapper

This versatile ring wrapper can reliably wrap up to 100 pallets in foil/hr. (optionally dustproof and waterproof). Because the OEM Ringwrapper can be easily integrated in combination with the palletizing modules of Qimarox, the integration and hardware costs of final packaging lines are even further reduced.

The Highrunner mk7 is a modular, serially produced palletizer, which is often used in conjunction with a shrink wrapper. Expanding the product range with a standard ring wrapper will reduce integration and hardware costs even further. The OEM Ringwrapper is supplied without a control system. This allows system integrators to combine the control system of both the palletizer and the ring wrapper (and any other system components) in a single control unit.

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