QComp Technologies, Inc: Robotic case packer

Using two conveyers, one with product and another lined with packing cases, QComp’s new Robotic Solo Case Packer saves space while packing individual products into shipping containers with up to 30 layer picks/min.

Pw 42699 Robotic

Operator adjustments have been simplfied and the flap containment device has been made more robust. The flap containment device ensures a smooth and efficient process by preventing the outer flaps of the case from interfering with the packaging process while the single point guide rail adjustment makes changeovers a simple turn.

The new Solo Case Packer design implements quick changeover features for each variable within the system, and focuses on using automated or quick change parts to reduce manual efforts required for operators to make adjustments for different size products. Even the end-of-arm tooling is designed for quick, effortless alterations.

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