Universal Robots Increases Payload Capacity of its Longest-Reach Cobot

Increased payload capabilities, coupled with it longer reach, position the UR10e for increased packaging and machine tending applications, while the UR5e provides automated box erecting capabilities.

The UR10e from Universal Robots can now lift up to 12.5kg (27.55lbs)—a 25% increase over the previous version. In addition to being the longest-reach cobot from Universal Robots, this payload boost to the UR10e better positions it for applications such as palletizing, machine tending, and packaging. More specifically, the UR10e can now be used in palletizing applications with cartons weighing up to 10kg using a 2.5kg gripper.

The demonstration of the UR10e Universal Robots has designed for PACK EXPO Las Vegas also highlights how Robotiq’s palletizing system provides already connected hardware and software components for ease of installation. According to Universal Robots, programming of the palletizing system, requires just three steps performed on the cobot’s teach pendant running the Robotiq software suite's Material Handling Copilot. The Copilot automatically generates and optimizes all trajectories and robot movements based on the pallet design, matching line throughput.

Flex-Line Automation’s box EZ, using the UR5e cobot, automates the tedious end-of-line tasks of folding boxes.Flex-Line Automation’s box EZ, using the UR5e cobot, automates the tedious end-of-line tasks of folding boxes.The box EZ by Flex-Line Automation is also highlighted in Universal Robots’ exhibit. Powered by a UR5e cobot, this collaborative box erecting system can erect multiple sizes of boxes and automatically replace them in a queue so that users never run out of the box size they need. This step is key to optimizing end-of-line packaging tasks.

   Watch this video detailing the Universal Robots/Robotiq integrated palletizing system featured at PACK EXPO 2021.

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