Rotary Auger Filler innovations drive productivity and profitability

White paper from Spee Dee discusses the application of servo controls and a new innovative funnel design to rotary auger fillers for free-flowing and non-free flowing applications. Benefits include dramatic reductions in changeover time and increased efficiencies.

Servo delivers speed
When a customer asked Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery to develop a high speed rotary auger filler capable of filling 250 cans per minute and offering quick parts changeover, engineers began exploring the implementation of servomotors.

As a result, Spee-Dee Packaging designed a unique rotary auger filler that has servo drives on the main turret, timing screws and the auger fillers, enabling set up and changeover adjustments to be made with the push of a button. This enables the operation of each area to be electronically timed and provides integrated control ensuring smooth, efficient filler performance.

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