One site fits all: Consolidating control of multiple packaging functions

White paper from Triangle covers how advances in controls technology now allows integrated control of scale-and-bagger equipment, resulting in a 50% waste reduction, reduced film usage, improved seals, and better-looking bags.

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Imagine this scenario: Employee A works on packaging function A; employee B oversees function B; and employee C devotes his energies to function C. Now, if a manager wants to have a meeting to direct all three areas, he’s only permitted to speak with either A or C together or B and C or A and B, but never all three at the same time.

Sounds like one of those dreaded word problems from 6th-grade math class, right? Not exactly. In effect, the above situation plays out all the time in packaging plants nationwide.

When a company doesn’t enjoy the benefits of consolidating control of multiple packaging functions, such as a scale-and-bagger system, isn’t the isolation of purpose portrayed above a sad reality?

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