Comparing horizontal motion and vibratory conveying

Conveyor technology, especially within the food industry, has been on a continual climb toward developing approaches achieving superior results. Find out what type will work better for you in this White Paper from Heat and Control.

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The criteria have been demanding: efficient product movement, sanitary conveying, low product damage and segregation, reconfigurable designs, speed-change capability, quiet operation, installation ease, and, of course, extreme reliability.

Historically, a leap forward in any one of these areas often meant a jump back in one or possibly several others. But it is this back-and-forth motion that has produced a great number of choices and an upward climb toward the perfect system.

Today, when it comes to moving products down the line, packagers have two primary choices: vibratory or horizontal motion conveyers. Each has its pros and cons, which must be examined when determining which technology is right for an operation. Exploring the particulars of each approach should provide a start to understanding what each system can and cannot provide.

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