Research shows new hot melt technology boosts line efficiency, lowers operating costs

White paper from Dow Chemical documents metallocene-based hot melt cost savings. Significantly, the data show much lower rates of packaging line shut downs related to problems with hot melt adhesive application for case and carton sealing applications.

In 2007, the packaging industry will use in excess of 400 million lbs of EVA, which roughly corresponds to more than a billion pounds of HMA. EVA based HMAs have been the work horse of the packaging adhesives for the past 40 years. Despite their shortcomings, they served the market well during these years.

However, the introduction of metallocene polymers in late 90’s led to the launch of a new family of HMAs which quickly proved to be superior to EVA based HMAs. Those who believed that the issues associated with the use of EVA based HMAs were just the nature of the business, quickly came to the realization that this was not the case.

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