Tamper-resistant technology provides alternative to plastic clamshells and blisters

This White Paper from Valeron Strength Films explains why companies like Merix Pharmaceutical Corp. and The Topps Co. have turned to BlisterGuard® sustainable packaging to deter theft, improve graphics, and reduce costs compared to plastic clamshell packaging.

Sustainability, pilfer resistance, graphics

Retailers and packagers have a primary common goal: They want their inventory to sell. To earn those sales and keep them coming, both need the products they market to negotiate a number of potential packaging pitfalls.

It’s no secret that packages that maximize appearance, deter theft, minimize costs and, especially these days, conform to increasingly louder calls for “sustainability packaging” go a long way toward meeting that common goal. All are among the reasons why companies like The Topps Co. and Merix Pharmaceutical Corp. opted for the BlisterGuard® security package from Colbert Packaging for certain of their products.

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