Kenosha Beef International: Printing and stacking box blanks

At Kenosha Beef, corrugated box blanks are manually loaded into a magazine on this digital case printer.

A shuttle system conveys the bottom blank up into the printing area. After printing, the blank is discharged into a two-stage restacker that counts five case blanks, then drops them to the machine's bottom station. After a predetermined number of blanks reaches the second station, the restacker discharges them onto a roller conveyor where machine operator Sandy Englund loads them onto a pallet at the end of the line. Pallets of printed blanks are then delivered to six different packaging lines at the plant.The DCP-3200 digital case printer is used off-line to print corrugated case blanks that are transferred on pallets to six different packaging lines in another building at the Kenosha, WI, facility. The machine was purchased from Iconotech (Clinton, CT) and was up and running last July.

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