Rexnord: Plastic modular conveyor belts

Rexnord launches its KleanTop plastic modular belting product line specifically designed for the food processing industry.


The KleanTop line launches with the introduction of new belting series designed specifically for the food processing industry: the Rexnord 590, 1090 and 1010 Series KleanTop belts. They join several other Rexnord belting products under the KleanTop line that feature food safe materials and designs, most notably the 390, 2010 and 1200 series. Each KleanTop product offers a set of benefits specific to the food processing industry, such as open hinges for cleaning and drainage, abrasion resistance and features that reduce product contamination concerns.

“Food processors have requirements specific to hygiene and sanitation that few industries face.” said Lucas Knapp, Global Director of Marketing for the food industry. “With the KleanTop product line, food processing end users and OEMs can be sure the plastic modular belting they install is comprised of food-safe materials, meets the wash-down and abrasion resistant requirements for their applications, and are not a one-size-fits-all solution that may compromise quality or efficient operations.”

Rexnord 590, 1090, and 1010 Series KleanTop Plastic Modular Belts features:

• The Rexnord 590 Series KleanTop is a ½” pitch belt designed to deliver an optimal combination of ease in cleaning, transfer capability and open area.

• The Rexnord 1090 Series KleanTop offers the same benefits as the 590 Series. It is available in a 1” pitch and is optimized for use with a 2” diameter roller for smooth transfer and to promote airflow across the bottom of the belt.

• The Rexnord 1010 Series KleanTop features an open hinge design with 60% rod exposure allowing for effective cleaning.

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