Cognex: Multi smart-camera vision system

Cognex Corp. has introduced the In-Sight VC200 series, a family of multi smart camera vision systems; the series brings the proven performance and reliability of In-Sight vision systems to multi-camera vision applications.

Multi smart-camera vision system
Multi smart-camera vision system

Traditional multi-camera systems use “dumb” cameras that share the same processer, resulting in slower performance as more cameras are added. This technology limits today’s multi-camera systems to applications with simultaneous acquisitions. The In-Sight VC200 overcomes these restrictions because the processing power actually increases with each additional camera, expanding the number of multi-camera inspection applications. This improved performance helps keep pace with fast-moving production lines and also provides the flexibility to solve applications with sequential or asynchronous inspections.

The In-Sight VC200 includes a fully customizable, web-enabled HMI, providing monitoring and control through password-protected access levels. With the In-Sight VC200, operators can now view inspections, controls engineers can modify parameters and plant managers can review performance statistics simultaneously from any iOS-, Android- or Windows-based device with a web browser.

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