Minebea Intec: Platform scales weigh up to 300kg

Two new models in Industry Supreme platform scale range, the ISBBS and ISDCS, are built entirely from stainless steel and are designed specifically to integrate into process scenarios with the strictest hygiene regimens.

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Like every other model from the IS range, the ISBBS and ISDCS are equipped with the company’s patented Monolithic weigh cell. This cell provides robustness and shorter weigh times, while still offering the high levels of readability.  Overload protection, wrap around stainless steel load plates, and high-quality components help ensure scales provide long life.

Users can choose from an extensive list of customizable options to receive a product tailor-made to their process. High IP ratings, a range of Ex versions (20,1,21,2,22) and GMP certification for clean room environments help ensure the scales’ easy integration into any environment.

As standard, every platform from the IS range is supplied with an integrated isoTEST key. This functionality allows users, with the touch of a button, to automatically calibrate the unit utilizing integrated calibration weights. Additionally, every IS scale can work alongside an extensive range of systems including PCs, PLCs, and  Combics indicator.

Cut from a solid block of aluminium, the internal Monolithic weigh cell is said to use 70% fewer parts than other leading load cells, lowering the levels of wear and tear on the system, and helping prevent mechanical problems.  This construction method also improves accuracy, keeping factors such as temperature fluctuations at bay.

Monolithic weighing technology is said to provide failure rates in tenths of a percentage point, according to the company.

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